Herbal Remedies for Cancer

This is part of a new video series on herbal remedies.  The Youtube is free just through Friday.

Highlights of the video:

  • Most of the herbalists interviewed recommended combining herbal medicines with Western therapies, and said that frequently herbal cures alone would not be sufficient.  If surgery is available, take it out.
  • A serious omission was no mention of fasting or ketogenic diets—apparently this was not part of the experience of any of the specialists in the interview panel.  This isn’t surprising because Polizzi, the producer, chose his experts for the entire series as prominent herbalists, and the fasting research comes out of an academic Western tradition.
  • There is an individual test available that cultures your cancer cells in the lab with many different chemo agents and and anti-cancer herbs, to find the particular vulnerabilities of your cancer cells.  RGCC is standard in Europe, also available in the US but not paid for by most American insurance companies.
  • Reishi mushrooms and other fungi are highlighted as strengthening the immune system in general, and particularly in connection to some cancers.
  • Whole turmeric (not just curcumin, which is commonly extracted from turmeric) was also singled out as being particularly effective with colon cancer.
  • There’s a lot more advice in the video.  They mention intravenous vitamin C as almost always helpful, and with no downside.  They reiterate something I learned a few years back—that cannabis is a powerful tumor-fighting agent.  I didn’t know that mistletoe is a natural chemo agent.


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