Our Most Articulate Advocate for Peace

For the last 15 years, David Swanson has made it his mission in life to put an end to war.  He has read and digested a great deal of history.  He convinces us from every side that war is a fraud.  He argues always from the mainstream narrative, never risking being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Even when evaluated by the criteria that our leaders put forth to justify war, war fails miserably.  It is not merely that everything gained from war pales by comparison to the lives lost and shattered, the hatred engendered, the problems the next generation must absorb.  No, beyond this, there is no gain to be balanced against these horrific costs, unless you count the money accumulated by a few tycoons who have adopted patriotic postures to sell us wars in the first place.

Swanson’s books are overwhelming in their truth.  In this department, he turns ‘overkill’ on its head.

War is a Lie             War No More          War is Never Just           Curing Exceptionalism

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