The REAL Left

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
— Mark Twain

The left is caught in the same hermetic universe as the corporate press, blithely denying the enormous state crimes that have undermined and perverted American democracy. These are, principally, the corruption of our voting system, the assassination of key progressive leaders, and the infiltration and neutering of the press itself.

We see very little in the press about the obscene chasm between the super-rich and all the rest of us, or the promiscuous warfare waged by an enormous rogue state that is the USA today.

The American security state has undertaken a protracted, strategic Balkanization of the left that has obviated any possibility of any common action, and turned the Left away from working class interests.

We on the authentic left have to stop thinking in terms of left and right, stop regarding ourselves as members of the Left Tribe, and make common cause with people all over the political spectrum who are willing to question state power and who entertain the possibility of working together to pull this country and the world back from the brink.

— Mark Crispin Miller


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