I measure satisfaction and self-worth by a particular look on a face in not so many words expressed by the opening of the fused inclines of the beautifully crafted volcano humans like to call ‘the mouth.’ Just the intonation of the word ‘mouth’ sounds like an eruption of hot, molten lava spewing out of a vibrantly decorated, volcanic mountain God sprinkled with His fingertips as a never-ceasing awe and wonder designed to destroy the gruesome, vile environment when necessary to paint a much more vividly fruitful Earth with the absence or limitation of words to inflame the volcano a 2nd time to erupt the powerful substance killing everything it touches. As long as the volcano remains contained, pleased, and most times inactive it will grow to be the most beautiful art exhibit God originally hoped and dreamed it would be for the other volcanos to admire the immense beauty and inspiration of God’s painting of this volcano of no particular size and pride in its final achievement in becoming inactive in the expression of words altogether and the activation God molded in the thoughts and emotions penetrating the soul while palpitating the heart in the internal love eruptions that pour out of the heart red as lava through the entire body, out of the beautifully created mouth, and into the heart of the one these life-giving, selfless words of irreplaceable seeds of love are spoken to. However, sometimes words are not enough. Like the volcano of the mouth, the volcano of the heart bleeds with burning lava when words have little or no feeling attached to it. The heart will also bleed when words of hatred and bitterness abuse the receiving heart, thus causing the heart to be fused together in an ever hardening cocoon that refuses to be opened protecting the heart from further damage either expressed or received. With this hardened heart the person is protected, but the damage that entered the heart is permanently sealed within the heart’s chambers parasitizing the love that once filled up the heart as well as the hearts of those people closest to this person. This parasitic cocoon now prevents the heart from being softened unless the person is willing and inspired to sacrifice the protection and confinement of the hurt feelings to allow the hardened cocoon to heat up the broken lava rocks of the cocoon lighting the rocks of fire allowing the heart to melt and soften into the heated lava of love which will be used to forgive all the damage foolishly inflicted upon this heart which is now free to love and be loved by others as the person’s lava flows and melts other hardened, cocooned hearts in a bubbly pool of warmth for all hearts aglow with the love that should always be there.
Bill Darrah

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