Summa Psychonautica


Steve spots her at the supermarket
and monologues at her about kidsschoolworkhealthblah.
She does not tell him about her ethereal antennae
or her galaxy wings which span the universe.

She pries Steve off and exchanges pleasantries with the cashier,
saying nothing about the DMT ballroom disco in her chest.

Rather than striving to still the mind,
it is better to discover the stillness that’s already present
upon which the mind and senses are painted.

Rather than working to improve yourself,
it is better to shine a torch where the self ought to be
finding nothing but motes of stardust.

Stay alert!
Pay attention!
For in the very next instant,
life will come roaring into your field of consciousness,
full of light and faces and cars and babies!
Don’t miss it!
Don’t miss a second of it!
This gift was made just for you.

She steps outside
and the sky is a bluebird
and the air is thrumming with humans.

She does not tell them that she can see their true face.

She pushes her shopping cart into paradise.

— Caitlin Johnstone


Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone is an astute political commentator with a unique poetic voice.

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