Random Thoughts

Ideas appear in my head.
Dreams. pictures, music.
Entire poems, sometimes.
From whence do they come?

Imagine that the word “random” had
never been invented. What does it
but “there are some questions you must not


These are the sensations to which you are to attend.
These are where you shall find your meaning.
Pay no attention to the small, still voice within.”

“Random” < Old English < German, “to gallop.
To run fast is to have no purpose or direction.

Or perhaps the speed
conscious purpose,
and we are guided by an inner/outer/manifest.



1 thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. One of your better ones! Bart Haggin

    This is a finite planet with diminishing finite resources and 7.4 billion people. This is not sustainable.

    Knowledge is the only unlimited and expanding resource.


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