Instructing from the Beyond

Thus is it with our subtlest joys,—
How quick the soul’s alarm!
How lightly deed or word destroys
The evanescent charm!

It shows unbidden, comes unbought,
Unfetter’d flees away;
His swiftest and his sweetest thought
Can ne’er a poet say.

— Frederic W. H. Myers, born this day in 1843

Myers was a poet, Professor of Classics, and natural philosopher.  Most great men do great things while they are live, and then they stop, abruptly.  Myers was different.  He made his greatest contributions to human knowledge from the grave.


Before dying (in 1901), Myers promised to send us Earthlings word about what to expect after our stay has ended.  He came through, dictating pieces of text to thousands of mediums and automatic writers, who couldn’t make heads or tails of his message. But once the pieces were assembled, it all became clear.

Reality has two fundamental attributes—a physical one and a psychic one. The physical is represented by a universe of matter, located in a fixed space and time continuum. The psychic constitutes another, complementary world, which is not solid and fixed in matter, energy, space and time—instead of being a creation it is creative; instead of being an effect it is causative.

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