—–OH, be not led away,
Lured by the colour of the sun-rich day.
—–The gay romance of song
Unto the spirit life doth not belong:
—–Though far-between the hours
In which the Master of Angelic powers
—–Lightens the dusk within
The holy of holies, be it thine to win
—–Rare vistas of white light,
Half-parted lips through which the Infinite
—–Murmurs its ancient story,
Hearkening to whom the wandering planets hoary
—–Waken primeval fires,
With deeper rapture in celestial choirs
—–Breathe, and with fleeter motion
Wheel in their orbits through the surgeless ocean.
—–So hearken thou like these,
Intent on it, mounting by slow degrees,
—–Until thy song’s elation
Echoes the multitudinous meditation.

— George William Russell, who published as ‘A.E.’, is 150 years old today.


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