Light a Lantern. Plant a Tree.

The Chinese calendar and the Jewish calendar are lunar.
元宵节 and ט״ו בשבט always fall on the full moon, and almost always the Chinese Lantern Festival follows one month after Tu B’Shvat.  But today we celebrate them both.

Dance on pedestals dressed as a lion.  Eat rice balls.  Answer riddles and walk on stilts.

The Four Worlds (Action, Emotion, Thought, and Spirit) are each nested inside each of the others. We live in all four realms at once. Sometimes we have hard shells, like the nuts of assiyah. Sometimes we have a rock inside us, like the stone fruits of yetzirah. Sometimes we are soft all the way through, like the fruits of briyah. And sometimes we are so connected with the Holy One of Blessing that we melt beyond our bodies altogether, living in atzilut. May we find blessing in each of these four ways of being, each of these four seasons, each of these four worlds.

Let the fields exult and all the trees of the wood sing for joy. – Psalm 96


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