“the scent of oneness”

I awoke from a dream with this phrase in my head.
Mr. Google was not very far from my bed.

You are about to participate in a dialog between two Westerners that has the power to directly reveal the existence of a timeless and transpersonal reality that resolves all conflict and releases all traces of struggle and dissatisfaction.

* * * * *

JMM: Meditation is listening; not only a functional listening,but a full listening, free from judgments, opinions and projections. The depth of meditation radiating from your being helps others to be in touch with the same quality of silent presence within themselves. If you speak, it will only be to point toward this natural, effortless background.

JMM: Be aware that you are not an opinion. When you are no longer identified with your opinion, you can express it without any other intention than the joy of expressing it, that is to say without desire to convince, persuade or dominate.

SM: Given the ineluctable process of awakening, what role does social activism play?

JMM: When you realize that you are not the body-mind, the whole of life changes, not externally, but internally. Situations then appear as situations, no longer as problems. There is no need for a solution. Life contains the problem and also its solution.

Social activism and, more generally, action are not by themselves problematic. What becomes a problem is the action stemming from a personal desire, a desire for self-recognition, affirmation and love creates an expectation, and this expectation comes from and then maintains a state of tension and dissatisfaction.

An action without intention is light and fluid…not weighted by ego.

SM: What you are saying is that the tendency to social activism is rooted in the perception that there is something wrong with the world; for instance, pollution or war must be stopped, that there is a problem requiring a solution. This perception arises from an identification, perhaps an identification with those who suffer,  and this identification is sourced in the perception that we are our bodies and our minds. We project our subjective suffering onto the situations we see around us.

This perception of a problem arises due to an absence of listening to the suffering within. At a certain point in a person’s life, the capacity to listen unfolds itself as a sensitivity. There is no personal will or intention in this. It just happens.

JMM: If I ask you, “Do you exist?” you will spontaneously answer “yes!”

Go back towards the source of this feeling of existing. This feeling points to life itself. You know that you are life. This knowing is not an intellectual knowing, but a knowing by identity. You know what you are, before you think what you are.

— from The Scent of Oneness, by Simon Macnab and Jean-Marc Mantel


When the fight stops, silence arises. The silence contains the question and its answer.


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