Science and spirit, consciousness, death and physical reality

The subjects in the title have been focuses of my thought all my life.  I have identified as a scientist at least since I was a pre-teen, and since age 23, yoga has worked its way into my daily life and my patterns of thought.  I am a mystic and a scientist, and have explored the relationship between the two, both with scholarship and introspection.  For a long time, I thought my task was to reconcile two opposing world-views.  Only in recent years have I come to see mysticism as a natural—perhaps inevitable—endpoint of scientific inquiry.

This recent essay summarizes the state of my thinking on the subject.  It is not light reading, but if you are inclined to spend the time to consider and respond, these are topics that I want very much to be sharing and discussing.



One thought on “Science and spirit, consciousness, death and physical reality

  1. Thank you for posting the scientific mysticism file! It was such a good read, I could not stop till I finished in one very light stride, all the while thinking how bizzar – someone else has written my thoughts down! It would be interesting to hear your views on how consciousness links to personality, as there are undeniably very many heritable personality traits – everything from intelligence to temper – that you see unfolding in a child and read about in twin adoption studies. What is the interplay between the consciousness and the encoded-in-DNA-personality? They are distinctly different entities and yet in every day life it is so difficult to detangle one from the other, and many religious practicies are built to achieve this goal, yoga among them. What is the purpose of the biologically inherited/formed personality?

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