Putting nightmares to work

An old story tells of a woman who dreams every night that she is being chased, throughout a big haunted house, by a hulking monster. Night after night, the hideous thing runs after her, its breath like acid on the back of her neck…

She resolves to be courageous, to become the hero rather than the victim.  Still, she when the time comes to face the monseter, she is overcome with fear.  It all seems so real…

Finally one night, the dream begins again, but this time the beast corners the poor terrified woman, and just as it’s about to tear her apart, the woman finds her voice and shrieks:

“Why are you chasing me? What do you want from me!”

At that, the monster stops its attack, backs off and turns the question around: “How should I know? It’s your dream.”

Spiritual Stories

Listen to a TED talk by Charlie Morley on borrowing techniques from Buddhist cultures that have been harnessing the conscious dream state for personal growth for a thousand years.

“Any attempt to sanitize or control your dreams just pushes the problem deeper.”

“Lucid dreaming leads to lucid living.”



Painting by Glen Waggner


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