ongoing remembrance of gratitude

Marveling how we won to where we stand,
Content ourselves to call the builder, “chance”.
— James Russell Lowell

Whoever or whatever guides the Great Unfolding:

We honor thee for blessings in the guise of misfortunes.  We thank thee for all challenges to which we thought we could not rise, for pain that prompted us to action after reason failed to move us.

For losses suffered after the courage of our generosity failed us; for reverses in fortune that stunned us to the remembrance of Joy.

For the friends who would not be complicit, but balked at our folly;
For the foes that honed and deepened our conviction;
For whatever shakes us from complacency and renews our apprehension of this world’s majestic splendor,

we remember — just this day — to dwell in gratitude.

— Josh Mitteldorf


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