Gödel, Self-Knowledge & Magic Mushrooms

Dolors is a Spanish-British physics student who has offered us a series of videos over the last 3 years that explore the space between physics and mysticism.  Her perspective is fresh in a well-worn field, her imagery and humor are engaging, and she is both skeptical and knowledgeable in physics and in philosophy

This series begins with the idea that our consciousness is primary, the thing of which we are surest, our awareness of sensations and impressions (qualia) is next, and the physical world is a construction based on abstraction from those impressions.  The scientific method has focused us on that which we can all agree on, which tends to be those aspects of the physical world that can be universalized from everyone’s experience.  But it is a perversion of the scientific method to say that the physical world we construct with our thoughts is more real than the sensations which are our primary knowledge.  And anyway, quantum principles warn us that it is impossible to define such a thing as an objective physical reality, apart from the awareness of the observer.

In this recent work, she helps us understand the relationship between our individual perspective on the world and the “God’s eye view” using the analogy of a lucid dream.  In a dream, I am one particular person, unless I have a lucid awakening, when I realize that I am dreaming.  Then I realize that the entirety of the action is inside my head, and I realize I have the power to change the course of the dream.

( Don’t watch the follow-on, 4b)


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