What if this is serious?

Hillary Clinton has promised to de-classify millions of pages of secret documents about UFOs.  The subject has the potential to transform our view of ourselves, of life in the universe, of the political and technical future of mankind, of body and spirit… If governments around the world really know of verified incidents in which extra-terrestrials have landed on earth, it will change everything.

There is no shortage of qualified, sane people with scientific and military credentials and with insider knowledge who are telling us that this is real, citing specifics and recounting their own experience.  Still, the subject is routinely dismissed in the mainstream Western press as though it could be explained by the sci-fi-inspired fantasies of a few unstable minds.

What if it turns out to be real?

Fred Burks attempts an ambitious synthesis of what we know


On March 13, 1997, in Phoenix, AZ, thousands of people, including Governor Symington, witnessed a huge, lighted boomerang that hovered above the city for hours.


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