Mother of Faith

Whether or not it is clear to you, the Universe is unfolding as it should.
Max Ehrmann

In the Jewish tradition, today is תשעה באב, the worst day of the year,“celebration” of the destruction of the Temple—twice—among sundry other disasters.

Damn it, if we lived in a half-decent world, there would be no racial vendettas, no Holocausts, no extraordinary rendition, no nuclear weapons and certainly no anthropocene ecocide.   Only a Panglossian naif could believe in a righteous God, let alone a merciful one.

and yet…

…and yet there is something compelling about the idea that “what is = what should be”.  Especially philosophers (more than theologians), especially cosmologists and particle physics (more than chemists or engineers), those who think deeply about life and the fabric of reality look for beauty in the Laws and Principles that give rise to our world.the-garden-of-eden-and-the-fall-of-man11

For mystics and contemplatives, this is not a deduction but an article of faith, the one article of faith from which arises all comfort and belonging and a deep fount of wellbeing.  All is well, whether we understand it or not.  Fear is merely a hormone in the bloodstream, given to us to help protect us in emergencies.  Death is…well, if death is not the ultimate and final loss of all that we hold dear, this could go a long way toward reconciling faith with all that we find wanting in this world.

— Josh Mitteldorf



One thought on “Mother of Faith

  1. “If we can remain resilient, if we can continue our questioning, our developing, our hoping, if we can live in awe and in the depths of wonder, we will continue moving into the only process that now matters– our authentic maturation as a species. It is in this way and only this way that we will enable the Earth to bloom once again.” -Brian Swimme

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