You know better than I why you’re here

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaltaaaajgzizwe3nmy5ltq1ywutndnlzs05mzvjlta5mzblowq1owixyqYou came to this web site for a reason.  There’s something you are hoping to read here, something that will affect you profoundly and positively, give your confidence just enough support that you can believe what you’ve wanted to believe, and take the step you’ve wanted to take.

So, what is that message?

You’re invited, if it feels right, to share the words that come to you with others in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “You know better than I why you’re here

  1. In the face of current horrific violence among religious fanatics is the secular world community challenged enough to inspire, promote and pay for the alternatives of science education, maximum 2-child families, appreciation of other species, the value of planetary wilderness, clean oceans, and wonderment of the cosmos.

    In other words massive worldwide education .

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