Life and Art and Computers and Buddhism

Your evolution has bequeathed to you a uniquely powerful tool for imagining the future and predicting things which have never been.  The downside is that you can’t turn it off and just be in the present, to experience life the way most natural to your animal body.

Can you remember when you were a toddler on the beach, building a sand castle just to build it, without trying to get somewhere else, without apprehension or contingency plans?

What would our world be like if every one of us felt complete, and whole, and interconnected, beyond the reach of suffering or fear because we live in the awareness that we are ever-shifting energy patterns, for which the ideas of death and immortality and even benefit and pain and wellbeing and suffering have no applicability?

Jeff Lieberman sounds like a Buddhist guru here, but his day  job is a computer scientist, interested in robotics and computer-generated art.


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