It’s hard to find optimism in world news these days.  Thank goodness for Wikileaks!

Newly leaked text of global trade agreements tell us that

Massive changes are being initiated by Western banking elites. What is being created is no less than a kind of “global constitution,” treaty by treaty. What’s going on has little or nothing to do with trade and everything with rationalizing and expanding global control by the few over they many.

according to this article in the Daily Bell.

The authors have great faith in the power of public awareness to shape the future of humanity.  (The elites, they say have the same belief, and that’s why secrecy has been an obsession for them.)  But secrecy is becoming impossible to sustain.

According to their analysis.

It was the advent of the Gutenberg press that precipitated the end of Feudalism in Europe.  It was the introduction of the Xerox machine that led to the fall of the Iron Curtain.  In just this way, the Internet is spelling the end of a political system dominated by bankers and international conglomerates.

The disruption and chaos that we see emerging in the 21st Century represents infighting among the greedy warlords, as they sense that their reign is coming to an end.0f17fd2b197f0ea69688f292fe66f060


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