Outside of time

All my life I’ve held close to my connection to reality, and I have eschewed mind-altering drugs, even alcohol and tobacco as they were embraced by my friends and classmates when I was young.  Now I am 66, still avoiding drugs out of lifelong habit, though I no longer am sure what reality means, and (as I said yesterday) my study of modern physics leads me to believe that the science itself is telling us there is a reality outside physical reality.


DMT is a small molecule, the active ingredient in ayahuasca, which was discovered  centuries ago by Amazonian natives, and used in rituals of healing and initiation.  
Between 1990 and 1995 Dr. Rick Strassman gave over 60 volunteers high doses of the DMT as an experimental study. They all reported similar experiences of being outside of time, experiencing an expansive consciousness, seeing “the divine realm”.  Short video of experimental subjects describing experiences under DMT.


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